Armed Response / Special Response Teams

Armed ResponseOur personnel are highly trained. Our personnel are residents in our community. They are professional in their daily task of protecting our clients as well as potential clients.

Their proactive mind-set has prevented serious criminal situations occurring.

SRT Response officers are trained in tactical security techniques. Their training includes advanced firearm tactics, medical first aid, climbing techniques, house clearance and advanced driving. Their training is constant in nature and deals with current crime tendencies and criminal tactics and techniques.

SRT also conducts client escort services for clients that feel unsafe arriving home late at night. The SRT officer escorts the client home and ensures it is safe to enter.

The SRT Control Room provides intelligence to the Response Officers during their shifts. After returning from rest days they are updated on critical information, which includes suspicious vehicle and persons lookouts. All relevant information received from our Clients, Community and the Police are shared with our officers and our clients.

SRT also participates in supportive role to South African Police Service during crime fighting operations.

Armed Response

SRT management values our Officers contribution in fighting crime. Their arrests of armed robbers and thieves are valid proof of this.

They believe in the SRT Motto “Day and Night Vigilance.”