Crime Prevention tips

Residential Security


  • Well maintained alarm system
  • Secure security gates
  • Lock your main gate with a durable lock
  • Maintain your electrical fence
  • Make sure your house number is well displayed
  • Trim all plants and trees to knee height. These measures will assist SRT security with their pro active patrols
  • Remove all mail when you leave your property
  • Know your neighbours and get their contact details
  • Do a background check on your gardener and domestic worker
  • Ensure that your domestic worker attend a domestic worker security course
  • When contractors work at your house you should have copies of their identification documents
  • Notify your security company when you go on holiday
  • Secure all firearms in your safe when you are not using them
  • Have panic buttons readily available when in danger
  • Ensure that you have a fire extinguisher and medical bag available in case of a fire or medical emergency

 Travel safety

  • Ensure your vehicles serviceability
  • Reverse park your vehicle in order to leave your property with the front of the vehicle facing your residence exit
  • Scan the street when you are leaving your property. Hijackers target vehicles when you depart or arrive at your destination
  • Be alert when you travel. See who is following you

 Safety and Security training

The chief instructor has over 25 years of local and international Law Enforcement experience. He has been at the forefront of fighting crime and has appeared on National TV.

He is knowledgeable and has testified in court in various serious arrests he has made. He managed and served on an elite police anti hijack unit. This unit’s task was fighting vehicle crime which included hijackings, cash in transit robberies, ECT.

SRT also provide the following courses:

  • Vehicle anti hijack course
  • Domestic worker security course
  • Residential safety and security
  • Farm protection and security